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Universal Friction Modifier
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Universal Friction Modifier

Part# 06141

Enhances Dexron® III or Mercon® ATF



MOC®’s Universal Friction Modifier (#06141) is an ATF additive formulated to enhance the friction properties of Dexron® II/III or Mercon® ATF, and allowing them to perform similar to that of a Mercon® V or Highly Friction-Modified ATF (HFM), such as Mopar® ATF 3 &4, Honda® Genuine and Toyota® Type TIV/WS. It helps ensure proper shifting by preventing torque converter shudder and clutch chatter. Not for use in Ford® Type F fluid or CVT applications that require fluids other than Dexron® ATF.

Outstanding Features:

  • Versatile – For use with any ATF except Ford Type F ATF.
  • Enhances Dexron®/Mercron® ATF to perform like Mercon® V.
  • Enhances Dexron®/Mercon® ATF to perform like a highly friction-modified ATF.
  • Inhibits fluid oxidation and foaming.
  • Reduces friction & wear on metal parts and internal components. Will not harm yellow metals.
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