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Universal CVT Conditioner

Universal CVT Conditioner

Part# 04181

Fortifies CVT Fluid Against Oxidation Breakdown



MOC®’s Universal CVT Conditioner (#04181) is a concentrated, synthetic-based formula designed for use in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) as well as Wet Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) and Direct-Shift Gearboxes (DSG) to fortify and extend service life. Fluids used in these types of transmissions have unique characteristics and requirements that differ from those used in traditional automatic transmissions. Universal CVT Conditioner is formulated to fortify the properties of new and used fluid by significantly improving oxidation stability and preventing deposit formation. It is designed to maintain the friction and anti-shutter properties that are critical to fluid performance. This product is designed for use in both chain and belt-type transmissions and is compatible with all types of CVT fluids.

Outstanding Features:

  • Improves Fluid Stability and Service Life – Oxidation stability of treated fluid is more than double that of untreated fluid according to ASTM D4742 TFOUT test results.
  • Synthetic-based Formula.
  • Maintains optimal friction and anti-shutter properties. Keeps seal soft and pliable.
  • Versatile – Can be used in DCT, DSG and all types of CVT systems: belt or chain.
  • Compatibility – Can be used in all types of CVT fluid.
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