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Ultra 85

Ultra 85

Part# 01071

For High Ethanol Fuel (E-10 & E-85)



MOC®’s Ultra 85 (#01071) is a fuel treatment and conditioner for vehicles that run high ethanol content fuels such as E-10 and E-85. These vehicles can experience drivability problems, deposit buildup, or fuel system damage that is different than those associated with standard gasoline. Ethanol absorbs water which can be corrosive to the fuel system, promotes oxidation/gum/varnish, and can form deposits that impact engine performance. Traditional gasoline additive technology typically does not address these unique issues. Ultra 85 contains a blend of corrosion inhibitors, fuel stabilizers and deposit control additives that treat the gasoline, clean deposits and protect the system from the harmful effects of ethanol.

Note: If fuel is contaminated with water, treat with Premium Fuel Guard #01291 in addition to Ultra 85.

Outstanding Features:

  • Control Deposits – Prevents fuel system deposits. Cleans fuel injectors.
  • Stabilizes fuel – Improves storage stability, inhibits gum and varnish, and keeps fuel fresh by inhibiting oxidation.
  • Prevents corrosion – Contains corrosion inhibitors, helps prevent rust/ corrosion on system components.
  • Versatile – Can be used in tools, equipment, or recreational vehicles with 2 or 4-cycle engines.
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