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Quiet Brakes<sup>®</sup>

Quiet Brakes®

Part# 01401

Helps Eliminate Brake Noise




MOC® Quiet Brakes™ (#01401) treatment helps eliminate brake squeal at the surface between the brake pads and rotors or the brake shoes and drums. This unique compound bonds to the friction surfaces. The product fills uneven areas to create a surface that avoids annoying vibrations and brake squeal, especially during the new pad break-in period. Use MOC® Quiet Brakes™ with all disc, drum, domestic and imported brake systems.

Outstanding Features

  • Helps eliminate brake squeal, brake vibration and drag.
  • Versatile – May be used on brake drums, brake cylinders, brake linings, brake ads, disc brakes, fly wheels, clutch plates, pressure plates, and transmission parts.
  • Fast-drying formula.
Available in Kits:

  •  #01901 - Brake Wash and Quiet Brakes®
  •  #02381 - Brake & Parts Cleaner and Quiet Brakes®
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