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Power-Steering-Fluid Conditioner

Power-Steering-Fluid Conditioner

Part# 01151

Fortifies Power-Steering Fluid



MOC® Power-Steering Fluid Conditioner (#01151) contains a blend of synthetic base oils, friction modifiers, anti-foam agents and seal conditioners. It is formulated to reduce friction and wear in the power-steering pump, valves and springs. This multi-functional product also helps eliminate squeals and chatter due to foaming while conditioning seals against drying to help prevent leaks.

Outstanding Features:

  • Helps prevent squeals and chatter in power-steering systems.
  • Helps reduce pump wear and noise.
  • Conditions hardened and dry seals and helps prevent internal leaks.
  • Compatible with all domestic and most foreign vehicles with power-steering units.
  • Ideal for new and used vehicles
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