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Pink Car Shampoo

Pink Car Shampoo

Part# 6275

High-Foaming Wash



MOC® Pink Car Shampoo (#6275) is viscous, pink liquid with a pleasant citrus aroma. It is an economical, highly concentrated product that produces a very-high-and lasting foam. This product is for use on cars, trucks, trailers, boats and mobile homes.


  • A thick, concentrated liquid shampoo for cleaning dirt and grime from all exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • A dense foaming-formula that rinses easily without streaks.
  • Suspends dirt without scratching the surface.
  • Can be used manually with wash mitt, or used through a pressure-wash system.

Available Sizes:

#62753 - 1 gallon
#62755 - 5 gallon
#62756 - 55 gallon

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