Optimizer Product
Optimizer Liquid

Optimizer Liquid

Part# 16502

Advanced cleaner for intake valves, combustion chambers, EGR & GDI systems



MOC® Optimizer Liquid (#16502) is a unique liquid aerosol cleaner designed to remove carbon and other deposits in the fuel induction system. The blend of solvents and cleaners is specifically designed to address “hard-to-fix” problem areas. Removing carbon from intake valves and combustion chambers can help eliminate cold-starts, hesitation and other drivability problems. The product contains no alcohol and will not harm seals, oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Optimizer™ can be used on all gasoline or diesel engines. It is highly effective as a solution for carbon buildup problems on direct-injected engines. Optimizer Liquid can be used in conjunction with Fuel-System Flush #01271 and Throttle-Body & Air-Intake Cleaner #10431 or Premium Throttle-Body & Air-Intake Cleaner #10131 to provide a complete cleaning process for the entire fuel system.

Outstanding Features:

  • Liquid action loosens and removes stubborn carbon.
  • No equipment, shop air or electricity necessary.
  • Will not harm catalytic converter or oxygen sensor.
  • Restores engine performance.
  • Designed for “hard-to-fix” problem areas.
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