32 oz bottle of Nzyme product
1 gallon of Nzyme product


Part# 14151/41513 gal

Bio-enzymatic cleaner plus odor neutralizer



NZYME™ (#14151 (18oz), #41513 (gal)) is a bio-enzymatic cleaner that quickly eliminates soils, stains and malodors from carpets, upholstery, textiles, vinyl, leather and synthetic surfaces. Works great as a spot remover or pre-treatment on carpet and upholstery prior to cleaning. Contains Natural enzymes that breakdown and digest organic odors and stains such as blood, vomit, urine, coffee, milk oil, grease and many more.

Outstanding Features:

  • Safely removes stubborn stains.
  • Neutralizes odor-causing organic matter.
  • Highly-concentrated, economical formula.
  • Pre-treat carpet and upholstery prior to cleaning.
  • All, natural, environmentally responsible and biodegradable.

Available Size:

#14151 - 18 oz.
#41513 - 1 gallon

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