bottle of nano wax
Nano Spray Wax

Nano Spray Wax

Part# 10961

Cleans, polishes, & protects with no power residue



NANO SPRAY WAX (#10961) cleans, polishes and protects paint, chrome, glass and smooth plastic surfaces on cars, boats, rv’s and motorcycles. this advanced formula utilizes nanotechnology, hydrophobic polymers and natural wax to create a durable high-gloss finish with no streaks or powder residue. just spray and wipe in one easy step to remove dust, grime, fingerprints and bugs. Anyone can achieve professional results and a showroom shine in just minutes. once you try nano spray wax, you’ll never use a traditional polish or paste wax again!

Outstanding Features:

  • For paint, chrome, glass and plastic.
  • Easy to use - just spray on and wipe off.
  • Wax your vehicle in minutes, not hours.
  • Cleans, polishes, & protects with no power residue.
  • All, natural, non-flammable formula/contains no-CFC's

Available Size:

#10961 - 18 oz.

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