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Part# 01171

Removes Harmful Deposits From The Engine



MOC® Multi-Clean™ (#01171) is a dispersant-based cleaning solution that removes accumulated deposits from various oil systems on a vehicle. When used in an engine prior to an oil change, this product removes deposits from lifters, rings, lands, rocker arms and other internal components. In transmissions, deposits are removed from the torque converter, valve body and filter screen. Pump housing, valves and lines are cleaned in the power-steering system by removing deposits and used fluids. Performance and circulation is improved.

Outstanding Features:

  • Contains an anti-friction additive to help prevent dry starts.
  • Versatile – Can be used in multiple systems.
  • Helps remove harmful deposits and contaminants.
  • Helps clean valve lifters, ring lands and rocker arms.
  • Helps reduce engine blow-by.
  • Improves fluid circulation.
  • Cleans sludge, gum and varnish.
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