Diesel Purge™ product image
Diesel Purge™ product image
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Diesel Purge™

Diesel Purge™

Part# 01441 (12oz), 01442 (32oz)

Quickly Removes Carbon & Gum Deposits to Enhance Flow Patterns



MOC® Diesel Purge (#01441) contains powerful cleaning agents and detergents designed to clean diesel fuel injectors and combustion chambers. By removing carbon and gum deposits, fuel flow and spray patterns are improved. The result is increased power, performance, and reduced emissions and smoke.

Outstanding Features:

  • Quickly and easily cleans injectors (DW10 test).
  • Lubricates fuel components while it cleans.
  • Compatible with all fuel-system components.
  • Helps stop diesel knock.
  • Helps reduce exhaust emissions and smoke.
  • Helps cure performance problems due to poor spray patterns and deposit buildup.
Available in Kit:

  • #02311 – Diesel Purge™, Advanced Diesel Treatment
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