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Cooling-System Treatment

Cooling-System Treatment

Part# 01111

Helps Extend Coolant Life




MOC® Cooling System Treatment (#01111) is a universal formula that is compatible with all types of coolant-antifreeze. This product contains a unique corrosion and rust inhibitor technology that enhances protection of cooling system metals such as iron, aluminum, copper and solder. It contains antifoaming agents and provides additional protection to water pumps.

Outstanding Features:

  • Compatible with all types of coolant (conventional - green, extended life - Dex-Cool, Hybrid - GO-5, Asian and European formulas). Based on ASTM D4334 test results.
  • Proven to increase corrosion inhibiting performance of treated coolant and fortify system surfaces from corrosion damage for an extended period. Based on ASTM D3306 test results.
  • Increases protection of water pump and reduces potential damage to pump surfaces. Based on ASTM D2809 test results.
Available in Kits:

  • #01161 – Radiator two-pack (Fast Flush, Treatment)
  • #01164 – Radiator Flush kit three-pack (Fast Flush, Treatment, Sealer)
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