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Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener

Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener

Part# 4573

Strong & Economical Degreaser For Automotive use



MOC® Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener (#4573) is a highly dilutable clear liquid, acid cleaner. It quickly and effectively removes oxidation, stains, rust and corrosion on aluminum (without a clearcoat and chrome).

Caution: contains high concentration of three acids, including hydrofluoric acid


  • MOC® Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener was designed to clean and brighten spokes, wire wheels, hubcaps, and any other bare aluminum or chrome surface which is subject to corrosion and oxidation.
  • It also does an excellent job when used to brighten truck trailers, building panels, buses and even cuts accumulated brake dust from rims.
  • To obtain maximum results, follow all directions and cautions carefully

Available Sizes:

#45733 - 1 gallon
#45735 - 5 gallon
#45736 - 55 gallon

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