GDI Cleaning Service

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The fuel injectors on Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines are positioned inside the combustion chamber to increase fuel economy, power and performance while lowering emissions. Due to this unique design and modern air quality regulations, fuel vapors and oil droplets baked onto the back of the intake valves choking the engines air supply resulting loss of power, performance and efficiency.

MOC®'s GDI Foam Cleaner uses a unique foaming detergent and the heat generated by the engine to effectively soften and remove stubborn carbon deposits from the intake system.

Liquid detergents in MOC®'s GDI Intake Cleaner continues to dissolve softened deposits while air flow from the intake manifold carry them into the combustion chamber to be burned away during the cleaning service. A highly-concentrated fuel system additive is then added to the fuel tank to complete the cleaning process.

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