Fuel Service Products

Fuel-Injector Flush (EFI & Induction)

Part# 01121

  • Cleans carbon and deposits from the fuel Injectors and combustion chambers.
  • Designed for use with MOC® Cleaner Application Tool (Part #75600).
  • Contains a special blend of solvents, dispersants and additives that safely and effectively dissolve deposits.
  • Will not harm fuel system components, catalytic convertors or oxygen sensors.

Fuel System Flush

Part# 01271

  • Quickly and thoroughly removes harmful deposits from fuel injectors, valves, combustions chambers and the entire fuel system.
  • A bottle of this concentrated additive can restore drivability and engine performance in one tank of gas.
  • Won’t cause harm to exhaust or fuel system components.

Vacu Flush®

Part# 01281

  • Cleans carbon and other fuel system deposits from intake runners, manifolds, valves and combustion chambers.
  • Removal of carbon and other deposits in the fuel system can lower exhaust emissions.
  • This concentrated cleaner is induced into the fuel system through a vacuum source using a MOC® Universal Induction Tool #72175.
  • Will not harm catalytic converter systems or oxygen sensors.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Part# 01061

  • Helps prevent deposit-related performance problems.
  • Designed to keep injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber clean of carbon deposits when used on a regular basis.
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