Diesel Service Products

Advanced Diesel Treatment (A.D.T.)

Part# 01451

  • Cleans fuel injectors (excellent results in the Cummins L10 tests).
  • Prevents oxidation of fuel, stopping sludge deposits and filter plugging.
  • Raises the cetane number in diesel fuel to maximize fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve cold-weather starts.
  • Special fuel-pour depressants promote fuel flow in cold weather conditions. Isolates and prevents wax crystals from forming. Helps prevent ice formation in system components.
  • Contains lubricants to protect pump and injector parts from wear and scuffing due to low-sulfur fuels.

Diesel Purge

Part# 01431

  • Cleans fuel injectors.
  • Quickly removes carbon & gum deposits to enhance flow patterns.
  • Chemically cleans injectors on engine.
  • Does not have to be mixed with diesel fuel.
  • Helps improve drivability, reduce smoke and restore power.
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