Cooling-System Products

Cooling-System Fast Flush

Part# 01091

  • Helps remove hard water scale and rust deposits.
  • Compatible with all types of antifreeze.
  • Non-acid, non-caustic formula
  • No neutralizers needed.

Cooling-System Multi-Treatment

Part# 01431

  • Designed for use with all cooling-system materials (including metal and plastic).
  • Compatible with all conventional antifreeze/coolants.
  • Concentrated corrosion inhibitors help prevent rust, scale and acid damage to metal components, with acid neutralizers and added alkaline reserves.
  • Fortified for superior water pump protection.

Cooling-System Treatment

Part# 01111

  • Suitable for all cooling systems.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Lubricates water pump.
  • Compatible with all types of antifreeze/coolants.

Cool Off

Part# 01421

  • Helps the cooling system dissipate heat more effectively.
  • Very effective at preventing excessive heat while towing, carrying heavy loads or operating in high temperatures.
  • Provides corrosion protection for metal components in the cooling system.
  • Compatible with all conventional antifreeze/coolant.

Cooling-System Sealer

Part# 01041

  • Helps to seal minor cooling system leaks.
  • Non-metallic, non-clogging formula.
  • Compatible with all types of antifreeze/coolants.
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