Pure Brake® Fluid Exchanger

Part# 98000

The patented Pure Brake® Fluid Exchanger allows a single technician to perform a complete brake-fluid exchange and bleed service on most vehicles in less than ten minutes.

  • Advanced computer-controlled system.
  • Helpful safety features.
  • Utilizes access code activation for added control & security.
  • Flexibility of three operating modes.

Cooling System Fluid Exchange Machine

Part# 94000

MOC® Coolant Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete cooling-system fluid exchange. State-of-the-art features make this Coolant Exchanger fast and easy to use.

  • Performs a Complete Service in Less Than 15 Minutes.
  • Computer-Controlled System.
  • Rugged Plastic Molded Chassis.
  • MOC® Patented Quick-Connect Adapter.
  • One-Touch Interface Panel.

Multi-Fluid Exchanger Machine

Part# 95600

MOC®’s Multi-Fluid Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete fluid exchange in one easy step.

  • Advanced computer-controlled system & easy two-switch operation
  • Air operated
  • Flow-control valves are conveniently located at end of service hose.
  • Hanging chain for easy positioning.
  • Full set of flexible adapters to reach and fit any opening.
  • Large-capacity 5-gallon waste tank.
  • Separate 3.5 gallon new-fluid tank in the rear.
  • Capable of removing up to 90-weight gear oil.
  • Can also be used to remove manual & automatic ATF fluid from the vehicle.

Deluxe Power-Steering Machine

Part# 74900

MOC® Power-Steering-Fluid Exchanger allows the technician to perform a power-steering-fluid exchange in one easy step.

  • Complete adapter kit for domestic/foreign vehicles
  • Includes new “Y” adapter for hard-to-reach power-steering reservoirs.
  • Comes complete with a remote control, allowing the user to oversee operation of the service.
  • A stand-alone mobile chassis provides freedom & convenience for the user.
  • Color-coded hoses and lights, to identify new-and-used containers quickly.
  • Capable of refilling power-steering systems through the power-steering-fluid reservoir.
  • Automatic coupler shutoffs on service hoses.
  • Heavy-duty clear hoses for visual confirmation of fluid transfer.
  • Large-capacity 5 gallon waste tank.
  • No power steering disassembly needed; access is gained through the power-steering fill cap.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

Part# 94500

MOC® ATF Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete transmission fluid exchange. State-of-the-art features make this ATF Exchanger fast and easy to use.

  • Complete Adapter Kit For Domestic/Foreign Vehicles
  • One-to-One Fluid Transfer
  • One-Touch Interface Panel
  • Computer-Controlled System
  • One Machine For Any Type of ATF
  • Rugged Plastic Molded Chassis
  • Compact and Portable
  • Interchangeable color-coded tanks

SMART TECH™ Engine Fluid Exchange Machine

Part# 96500

MOC® Smart Tech™ Engine Fluid Exchange machine allows a technician to completely flush the internal lubrication system of the engine.

  • The SMART TECH™ Engine Fluid Exchange Service is completed in just 10 min.
  • Fully-automatic operation once connections are made.
  • Includes a quick-disconnect standard adapter system. Custom touch-screen display with self-diagnostics & user prompts.
  • The SMART TECH™ Engine Fluid Exchange Service back-flushes the oil pump pickup screens.
  • Utilizes a fluid-flow meter system that eliminates the possibility of engine overfills.
  • A high-flow, dual-pump system utilizes both pressure & suction.
  • Sturdy molded chassis–no rust, dents or chipping.

Cleaner Application Tool

Part# 75600

MOC®’s Cleaner Application Tool Allows The Technician To Perform an “On Engine” Cleaning of The Entire Fuel System.

  • A “Fluid-Flow” sight glass.
  • The ability to pressure-check the fuel system.
  • The product fill area has a funnel design to avoid spills.
  • A steel-braided outlet hose with protective rubber coating.
  • A 30 fluid ounce fluid capacity for combined-product applications.
  • Works on off shop air; no aerosol cans required.
  • Connects directly to the vehicle’s fuel rail.
  • Complete set of fuel-rail adapters are available.
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